Mittwoch 14.11. 20:00

Frank Love ( female-fronted punk) + Hühnertod

Frank Love pushes female-fronted punk in loud new directions

VANCOUVER — Frank Love makes soul punk. Their punk is hardcore but it also has some serious dance issues. “Aside from punk, soul, and lately opera,” explains lead singer, P. Minnou, “we borrow from soft, weird, indie stuff, as well as from hip-hop and angsty pop.” Three years ago, Frank Love’s members, a mix of punk veterans and band newbies, came together to get the aggressions of their daily lives out via music. Now they find themselves confronted with a pleasantly reinvigorated intent for musical creation.

HÜHNERTOD karlsruhe

viel rock, dazu metall und sludge. einer der seltenen auftritte der karlsruher. do not miss!

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