Freitag, 15.03. 20:00

Backwards Charm (Dreampop /AT)
… is an indie/dream-pop quartet based in Salzburg and Vienna, Austria. Within roughly two years time they released their first LP “Far from Heaven in my Mind” (Schall & Wahn Productions, Stray Records) and their demo-EP dreamlessly (Schall & Wahn Productions, Featherlight Records). Having performed live in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy and Belgium they have managed to draw the attention of a diversity of audiences with their simple but effective songwriting; the thoughtful arrangement of cynically romanticizing lyrics combined with pure and catchy melodies evokes a feeling of being stuck somwhere in between reality and dream.

ATTIC STORIES (Pop-Punk /Waldbronn)
A five piece Pop-Punk Band from Karlsruhe, Germany. By connecting finest poppunk riffs with emotional female vocals, we build an open-minded atmosphere.

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