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DRAGUNOV • Watered • Daerrwin (Post Metal)DRAGUNOV (Paris, France) :
Emotionally murdering, technically ravishing post-metal from Paris. They are obsessed with the dark side of the Soviet periode and translate it brilliantly into auditive orgastic terror. This is a truely unique band.
This is their first European tour after having played a lot in France, for bands such as This Will Destroy You, or Brutus.
They will enter the studio just after this tour to record their second LP. (Karlsruhe, DE) : Post Rock / Post Metal
After a few months these jams were canalized into songs and the band started to play the first local shows in 2011. The same year they entered the Studio to record their first full-length ‘To Those Who Will Never Exist’ which was self-released by the end of the year and received many good reviews in various online magazines. The album is a well-balanced mix of melodic, quiet and heavy riffs, progressive song structures and discreet use of electronica and vocals.

DÆRRWIN (Czech Repuplic) :
Post black metal shoegaze band originates on ruins of metalcore/deathcore bands 5 Symbols, Born Again,
Smashed Face, Kiss the Sun, Of the Woods, !úl.. etc. In short time they break into foreground of czech
alt-metal scene and sign a deal with biggest czech metal label Metalgate records. Debut album called Uv’
Derekh got a lot of positive reviews worldwide. DÆRRWIN became respected band and with their philosophy
and attitude, anchored in port of Artists for Sea Shepherd.

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