Mittwoch 13.03. 20:00

2 Psychedelic Rock Kracher aus Portugal und Österreich/Karlsruhe

Solar Corona is rock music pulsating like a motor on the listeners‘ psyches. Joint in 2012 and reformed in 2016, the power trio, comprising Rodrigo Carvalho (guitar/synths), the mastermind of this venture, José Roberto Gomes (bass) and Peter Carvalho (drums) is fully committed to rip your consciousness off and take you into a rampant odyssey through distorted landscapes and steady beats. Comparison is often the way to describe music in words. I’d suggest you to imagine Hawkwind if Lemmy had never been kicked out.

Solar Corona + Down with the Gypsies (Folk/Psychedelic Rock)If you want to put your mind on hold for a while, and dive deep into land or even a planet far far away… divein deep Down with the Gypsies This is the kind of music, which just wants you to stand still and feel lost in time and space for a while. But you won’t be lost. They will be there with you. For you. And they will be stuck in your mind.This ancient, warm voice of singer Gaba and her polish roots that holds you like a mother is holding her child, surrounded by a cosmic dreamy atmosphere. It’s like a movie soundtrack. Lean back! Let go!Theirfirst full length KASSIOPEIA was released in July 2017. Have a comfy one on your magic flying carpet of flute filled dreams. Dreams of blues, folk and krautrock.

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