Samstag, 20.7.2019 20Uhr

State Faults (USA) / Shirokuma / Aches

We are so happy to have these lovely bands in P8!

STATE FAULTS are coming over from California to Europe for the first time ! And they’re bringing their new album „Clairvoyant“ to us!!!
State Faults enchanted me from the very first minute with their album „Desolate peaks“ (2012). Between birds chirping wonderful atmospheric guitars sound paired with partly fragile shouts as well as driving parts. Only then did I discover their EP called „Head in the clouds“, which is less well produced, but already indicates what this band could develop.
Said – done. After „Desolate peaks“ the label was changed and the second album called „Resonate/Desperate“ (2013) was released.
The desperate, more atmospheric moments became a bit less, but the songwriting became more coherent and compact or even more unerring.
In 2015 State Faults announced an unlimited break.
Today – 4 years later, they are back and will be the first time in Europe with a new album called „Clairvoyant“ and we are more than excited and overjoyed to be able to share this band with you and to welcome State Faults as our guest in P8 in Karlsruhe!

SHIROKUMA from Sweden are kind of a typical Swedish band. Like so many bands from this part of the world, Shirokuma manage to create a mixture of straight screamo and atmospheric post-hardcore with wonderful guitar melodies, a very strong rhythm fraction and tearing vocals. Their first EP was followed by their great album „Sun won’t set“. The symbiosis of the most dreamy guitar melodies is paired with the scratchiness of typical (swedish) Screamo. So it was no wonder that the „masters“ of this music released a split EP: Suis La Lune with Shirokuma.
Shirokuma also come to us with new songs that will be released as a new album this summer.

Aches from Mannheim will start this evening ūüôā

We are also happy when you, dear people, come in large numbers!

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