Sonntag, 13.10 20Uhr

ORBEL (pays Basque) // Schizotronika (KA)

Heute im P8 sphärische und doch rauhe Musik. Wundervoll! Für einen Sonntagabend genau das Richtige.


A dark ocean where a bright sun sets, Orbel is this horizon where this contrast dawns.
Highlighted in 2018 with the release of a first EP « Beyond There », the music of the band paints lunar landscapes where melodies reverberate like baroque mantras chanted by female voices.
After this effort, sometimes remembering Shannon Wright or Chelsea Wolfe, the quartet has refined its sound through the guitars rawness and the tension on the layers of synths, while leaving a more personal mark with lyrics in basque language.
Their first album ‘Hegan’ is a unique universe, an introspective and thrilling journey unveiling itself track after track. Through this one and outstanding live shows, Orbel now navigates on those dark waters, crossing waves with the confidence of reaching the light.

Schitzotronika aus Karlsruhe machen sphärische und auch tanzbare Impromusik mit E-Gitarre, 2 Synthies und Vocals

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