10. April 2021 21 Uhr

a poly-genre film by qwqwi & Bridy & Keule
54 min – HD (2013)


Music-Festivals are like a dream long ago, this movie shot in 2012 and released 2013 couldn’t imagine how the world might change. May be it is just an episode, like the movie and the tour is just a summer, just an episode of festivals most of them in estonia, starting in Berlin. Just a band that plays, just the film crew bridy & Keule beeing with them. We are just at home, on our screens, connectet through the legendary P8, and an future of change. And cause we see the best in what might come:

after the movie, qwqwi plays a live session! This time called: qwqwi-able fly session. You might check why.
We see this time online: APRIL 10.th 21pm
Moderation: Bereitknopf

Stream-Link:https://youtu.be/F98r6Bg9CJI Valged Ööd and a qwqwi-able fly session-Filmscreening und Live Konzert

>> alle Veranstaltungen in der *p8* sind von Mitgliedern und für Mitglieder des Panorama e.V.
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