23.02. 19:00

Eisengrind, Sanity Obscure, Das letzte Lager, Egomey

Danse Macabre Labeltour

Eisengrind fallen leider aus!!!

EGOMEY follows in the footsteps of Dante Alighieri with their debut album „Offenbarung“, and with their multi-faceted mixture of dark metal they venture into the unimagined depths of hell. Black metal roots entwine NDH and post-metallic chaos, carried by undulating melodies.

Die Death-Metal-Band DAS LETZTE LAGER verbindet auf dem Debütalbum „WürgeEngel“ Eingängigkeit mit druckvoller Härte und schwerer Atmosphäre.

SANITY OBSCURE - the exciting mixture of Doom- and Gothic-Metal. Sophisticated lyrics, heavy sound, antiphony, melancholic, yearning and above all lies the mist of the 90s Gothic Metal.

Tickets hier: https://tickets.p-acht.org/egeis666/

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