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Doors: 19:00 // Show: 20:00

DEVIL MASTER: The boundary breakers, life takers and black metal punks Devil Master are back with their second full length. As someone who remembers seeing them back in basements this is a very exciting set of developments and this second album is a perfect illustration of just how good they are and all that they have accomplished over the past few years. This new album is a thriller any way you slice it and makes for some of the most compelling American black metal that I have heard in a long time. Devil Master are unafraid to bring in myriad influences into their unique take on black metal. When they lay out their sonic assault you hear touches of post-punk, emo and more infiltrating the sound. Yet, everything they do remains distinctly creepy and wonderfully evil. It's black metal that has grown with the times, but still manages to be profoundly black metal. Ecstasies Of Never Ending Night is exciting because it speaks to an ever evolving face of the genre and hints at all the genre is and what it could become. The end result is a sound that is iconoclastic and exciting. It's hard not to get swept up in the thrilling drama of it all. ( Matt Bacon)

DÖDSRIT: Out from a concept of misery and suffering, our feeble and dying world is the subject of a new hymn to its demise. 'Mortal Coil' is Dödsrit's third full-length, featured on a yet short career though wholly filled with soul-drenching moments. Featuring four tracks, Dödsrit's 'Mortail Coil' hails the smothering ashes of purgatory's flames by forging a wall of soul tearing riffing, blistering belligerence conjoining melody with aggression, a genuine blaze of cacophony and heart-wrenching melancholy. Consuming all in its path, this relentless maelstrom of grief finds its vision on the thunderous production - utterly powerful and blisteringly organic in all its dynamism. Such sonic virtues get sheerly enhanced by the lively rhythmic section and uncompromised ferocity. Whether on blast beating outbreaks, D-beat infused vigour, or further atmospheric escapades, pulsing impulses carry an expression and sense of craftsmanship that amazingly translate emotions into cataclysmic beats. Drenched in anguish, a scourged narrator of tragedies spews every single word with the blood and fiery distress of a heart burdened by the weight of our sorrowed existence, a shivering performance of a tongue absorbed in the (dis)comfort of eternal grief. Out under the banner of Wolves of Hades, 'Mortal Coil' is a eulogy to the world in flames- to the hell we call our home. (Mário Souto)

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