06.09. 18:00

E-L-R + COLTAINE -album release show-

Doors: 20.00 // Show: 21.00

VVK: 20.- E-L-R + COLTAINE -album release show- (p-acht.org)

AK: 23.-


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ0pnmzy1rA http://e-l-r.band/ https://e-l-r.bandcamp.com/

This fierce swiss trio are brought to you like the wild wind of an ardent night and are stubbornly individualistic and pursuing a special sound. Dubbed doomgaze, their style is based on the generally down-tempo, meandering, epic side of doom metal, but introduces other elements such as a nearly minimalist repetitive phrasing that reminds of shamanistic rituals. They are enjoying an excellent reputation as a live entity that enhances their music with a trance-like experience when on stage:

«We want the listener to delve into our sphere and become entranced in order to feel our energy – they shall not fear to close their eyes.»


Debut album release show

https://coltaine-band.com/ https://coltaine.bandcamp.com/

Coltaine is the keyword to an adventure in sound. Formed in 2022 in the mystic atmosphere of the Black Forest, Germany, Coltaine transport their intuitive creations into unusually exciting and diverse microcosms of dark, atmospheric psychedelia whose feeling is that of foggy, post metal-tinged acid rock with the sombre hues of blackgaze. Their newest offering ”Forgotten Ways” gives the listener immediate access to an unreal world where the endlessness of life and death come alive within songs that blend complete obscurity with the hopeful lights of pure spiritual energy. With a personal sound that defies all categorizations, Coltaine are ready to embark on a quest across the deep, misty realms of their own musical craft.

Tickets hier: https://tickets.p-acht.org/colt/

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